Happy Nevada Day!

Happy (official) Nevada Day! Those of us who grew up here (and there are many) appreciate Nevada Day not only for what it truly represents (the anniversary of our statehood), but for its annual cause for kids to get the day off of school on Halloween. (Out-of-staters never understood why we got the day off…
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Stan Lee method of creating comics based on trust

I have always been a Stan Lee fan – mainly for his creative accomplishments and innovation in the field of comic books. If you don’t already know, he is the creator of Marvel Comics. During the early years he was confronted with the daunting task of creating a 32-page graphic novel on deadline. He figured…
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“We’ll Figure it Out”

My business partner Alex Raffi has a favorite saying: “We’ll figure it out.” He says this when we’re in the middle of a particularly sticky situation; some graphic design challenge or technical compatibility issue that isn’t in the manual. (Confession: We don’t even own a manual.) We’re on a tight deadline, the client is counting…
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