A woman poses next to blue-green arches

Have you ever seen the turquoise arches and craved a hamburger?

My girlfriend and I drove into Sedona, Arizona, for a weekend of hiking in gorgeous landscapes. Tooling around the quaint, southwestern town we spotted a McDonald’s sign — but the iconic golden arches weren’t yellow — they were turquoise. Why do companies make changes to their logos? Companies can change their logos for many reasons,…
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Logo legacies: Meatballs and worms in space!

Anyone who has ever created a logo — or worked on a team brainstorm to create branding or visual messaging, as we do here at Imagine — gains a finer appreciation for these distilled bits of corporate identity. Our modern world is peppered with them, and communications pros tend to notice nuances and choices made…
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Where do logos come from? (The birth of a logo)

Some things you can do yourself… others should not be attempted The conception– When I design a logo, the first stage is to meet with the client and gather all the information possible. We discuss the service or product the company is offering, who they’re targeting, their likes and dislikes in regards to colors, etc.,…
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