Market Research You CAN Afford

Before coming to Imagine, I worked as a marketing manager for a small business. Working for a small business meant that sometimes I had to get creative with ways to stretch our marketing dollar. We knew who we wanted to target and we knew who our customers were. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and…
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Lessons learned from events related to Osama bin Laden’s death

It’s pretty clear everyone has something to say about yesterday’s news announcing the U.S. had killed Osama bin Laden. I’m one to get into the spirit of things, so here’s my take on it all – from a “lessons learned” perspective. Punctuation, grammar and spelling always matter. When breaking news happens and you’re the media,…
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Marketing Rule No. 1: Consistency is the Key

If you spend any amount of time at the Imagine Marketing headquarters, there is a pretty good chance you’ll hear the word “consistency” being thrown around at least once, if not all of the time. It would be easy to disregard this word as more marketing mumbo-jumbo, but the fact remains that when we say…
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