Living your brand

Let’s go to the mall! I want to share an experience I had while shopping. You walk in one store and they ignore you. You’re left to your own devices as you try to navigate the different product offerings and decide what, if anything, is best for you. Meanwhile the staff continues their conversations amongst…
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Read the Directions

I recently purchased a pair of yurbuds earphones after the pair I’d been using for two years suddenly stopped working. Because I needed (okay, wanted) a new pair RIGHT NOW, I did a quick bit of internet research and saw this brand was on sale and in stock at my local Sam’s Club. Good enough for…
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Be Kinder Than Necessary

When I worked retail in college, customer service was a big deal. At the time, stores like Nordstrom and The Disney Store made customer service cool and novel – something that should be simple and genuine. Lately, I was reminded it’s truly the little things that make customers smile and happy with a company. On…
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