Taking pub culture to social media

When you walk into a pub, you’re met with a smile and a familiar song playing overhead. You find a comfortable place to sit, looking forward to unwinding and settling in. The server arrives with a smile and initiates a conversation. You may or may not know him or her already, but if you don’t, you leave with a feeling that you would like to. They become the voice of the pub. They leave the impression you associate with the pub — that familiar tone and the ability to remember your favorite drink or food. They are happy to offer up opinions and are able to read your needs. A pub has a heartbeat that is felt by everyone who spends time in it.

That kind of voice and that kind of heartbeat need to come out in the content of a social media campaign because it is the truth of your organization. It is, regardless of whether we know it, what we love about the places we frequent. People’s social media accounts are like their favorite hangout. It’s a safe haven — a place to get away from what mass media represents. It is a place to ease back into your life. “Marketing” in social media needs to be less about informing the public of your value, and more about showing or telling them things that allow them to realize the value on their own because it’s connected to an experience.

Alex Raffi serves as mayor of Imagine. Email Alex here.

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