Talk the talk

Talk the talk

We’ve all had visions that we would love to come to life, and we often find ourselves attempting to search the web for the best DIY guide online, which ultimately results in seeking an expert to make the magic happen.

Finding an expert is only the first step in the process of completing the project with success. Let’s take website design and development for example. Building a website is a common necessity for most businesses these days, but achieving the aesthetic along with functionality can be a challenging task when you’re working with a web designer who has different vocabulary than what you’re familiar with.

There is a list of terms that will be unfamiliar at first and can be quite overwhelming initially, but these terms and acronyms are key to communicating with the expert you’ve picked to help you bring your ideas to life.

Below you will find an infographic that will aid in understanding placement, functionality and the working parts of your future website.

Senior Designer Julie Varley is Imagine’s resident ray of sunshine, which is fitting given her Florida residence.

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