Ten web design & development resources to save

This year has been full of web design, development and countless hours full of troubleshooting. I can’t help but feel like it might be the perfect time to jot down my current list of resources that help me find inspiration, provide me with some must-know information and, of course, help me troubleshoot through the unavoidable encountered error message!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, it is so important to have a responsive website. You want your clients to be able to access your website from their phone, computer and/or other devices, and Screenfly helps you test those devices! Just type in your website and then choose the device you want to see it on!

Curious how your newly designed or recently launched website tests when it comes to speed? This resource will give you a speed rating and break down how you could improve the rating.

Content and images aren’t always provided when you dive in to build a website, but the need to get it up and running is expected. This resource generates placeholder images with the dimension listed. Not only does it help by holding the spot visually, but it also helps the client understand what size the photo needs to be.

Subtle Pattern
A recent find, but one I’m sure will come in handy for inspiration and to use. Not only can you browse the many beautiful patterns, but you can also download the patterns for both print and web use!

Google Fonts
I can’t help but mention Google Fonts even though it’s a resource most designers are already aware of. When on the hunt for good web-friendly fonts, don’t forget about Google’s font library.

Bootstrap is open source and front-end framework. Find your HTML, CSS and JS framework for website development here!

Stack Overflow
Troubleshooting is a huge part of web development, and having a community to learn from and share knowledge with can be key to hitting that final launch button! Stack Overflow is great if you need help or have solutions to share.

Firefox Developer Edition
For the last few years, I’ve been using Firebug, which is an extension to Firefox and would allow me to inspect elements of a website and troubleshoot pretty easily. Sadly, this is no longer being maintained or updated, but the good news is Firefox Developer Edition has been launched in place of Firebug, and you can do even more inspecting, editing and debugging from your browser!

Website security is highly recommended, and having a company like Sucuri aid you in monitoring and protecting your website is key! Not only does Sucuri clean hacked websites and protect them from future attacks, but they also have amazing customer service and a quick response time — two extremely important factors to consider when you’re dealing with website security.

Web Developer Checklist
Close to launching a website but want to make sure it doesn’t have errors or low ratings in usability, security, accessibility etc.? Install the extension for Chrome, Firefox or Edge to check the website’s performance.

Senior Designer Julie Varley is Imagine’s resident ray of sunshine, which is fitting, given her Florida residence.

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