The biggest lesson I learned from working with a Fortune 500 company

A few years ago, we spent some years doing work for the Nevada team of a Fortune 500 company, and I handled the media relations and legislative support for the account. As one would expect with a Fortune 500 company, we had several initiatives we were working on at any given time, and almost every week was intense for one reason or another.

As such, we had weekly conference calls, and each person would take a turn reporting on what they we working on. We were all also in constant communication via email. What surprised me the most during this time were the reactions to successes. No matter what the success, big or small, everyone would chime in – verbally or via email – to congratulate that person on their accomplishment. This surprised me because they would do this even for expected successes – essentially, for doing our jobs. It was a little “ra-ra” for me, but I was a team player and participated.

As my work with them wore on, I began to see the wisdom in this approach. Our work together was high-stress, all-consuming and didn’t follow anything resembling a 9 to 5 schedule – especially during the legislative session. Congratulating one another on every success built up the camaraderie and reminded everyone that even though some small accomplishments seem like just another drop in the bucket, they are an essential part of progress.

While the client no longer requires media relations support in Nevada, the lesson of praising even the expected is something I implement to this day, both personally and professionally.

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications. Click here to email Melissa.

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