The path of least resistance

A lot of times, when a client calls Imagine in the middle of a crisis, it’s up to us to react and help them to solve the problem. In the case of the Clark County Medical Society and the COVID-19 crisis, we had the chance to be part of the solution.

With stay-at-home orders newly in place, the society contacted Imagine for help. With physicians as members and leaders in the organization, they could see the tidal wave coming. The public was hungry for not only information, but facts from trusted sources, and they knew, with a breadth of physicians with various specialties, experiences and positions throughout Clark County, they could provide those resources.

From our team’s perspective — including former journalists who were in the newsroom in days and weeks following Sept. 11 — we knew editors and reporters were in need of the same trusted, factual information.

Imagine’s job was to clear the way between Clark County Medical Society and the journalists who needed their physicians’ expertise. Imagine’s job was to create a path of least resistance.

From these needs the Clark County Medical Society Bulletin was born. Beginning on April 8, topics and offers of direct access to physicians were sent to local media and continue on a weekly scheduled basis. Although different suggested stories are presented in every bulletin, the idea is to let them know we are here to help connect them to the stories they want to tell.

During a crisis, our writing team is typically feverishly crafting up-to-the-minute statements and updates to those statements in order to help clients communicate their messages to their clients in a timely fashion. During this crisis — especially a community/national/global health one — it was good to help clients think proactively and provide local media with a clear path to a trusted source of information.

Tiffannie Bond is the PR director of Imagine Communications and remembers all too well the red tape sometimes one has to cut to reach that one source needed to complete a story.

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