There’s not one time of year for a Warm Fuzzy

Nearly every summer since I was 14, I’ve attended Leadership Camp at Camp Lee Canyon. I started as a participant and moved on to become youth staff, a trainer, an assistant camp director and adult staff. During those years one thing has remained constant – the Warm Fuzzy Board.

Long before e-mail, text messages and social networking sites, there was the Warm Fuzzy Board. Similar to the postal service and hand-written notes, the Warm Fuzzy Board is a truly unique entity – no harsh or negative words must grace its surface. The board is typically lined with vibrant colors, and every single person at camp – from children to senior citizens, participants to medical and kitchen staff – have a mailbox (an envelope with their name on it and carefully placed stickers for decoration).

The best thing about the Warm Fuzzy Board is you don’t dread checking your mail. People write to you about the fun you’re having, what an amazing job you’re doing and overall how great of a person you are and how happy they are you are there.

Every business (and family) should have a Warm Fuzzy Board. Vibrant colors, stickers and envelopes are optional. Some companies get so involved with being busy they forget to tell their employees when something goes right, when they brighten a room or when they deserve a friendly pat on the back just for being themselves. When times are tough and the bottom line is truly at the bottom, people forget to thank the people around them, to let them know exactly how valuable they are to the company and the people around them.

As children – as evidenced by the Warm Fuzzy Board – positivity is paramount and adults encourage children to strive for greatness. Why should that end when we’re adults? I have friends who attend Leadership Camp every year as adult staff just for the Warm Fuzzy Board because it’s the only time of year they feel appreciated for work they do and the people they are. Just like the holidays, why save something special for one time a year? Warm fuzzies are equal-opportunity and can be delivered in person, via e-mail or text, social networking or the old fashioned way – scrawled on colorful paper, decorated with stickers, and put carefully in your company mailbox.

Tiffannie Bond is a media relations specialist at Imagine Marketing.
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