Things aren’t always what they seem

I was tasked to research a company to find out what they were doing marketing-wise. They are perceived to be an upstanding company that others want to align themselves with, and we wanted to know what they were doing to create that perception.

After some quick research, it became clear what they were doing. It’s not that they had outstanding ads or a huge social media following or were featured in the news. It’s that they were doing exceptional work and serving the needs of their clients better than anyone else.

We’ve seen this happen in reverse. A company created the perception that they were hip and trendy. They made people want to work with and for them. Until people started working with and for them. They quickly found that things aren’t always what they seem.

As a marketer, I know I should be telling you that without good marketing, your company will fail. But that’s not true. Without good work, without good service, without good products, your company will fail. Spend time working on what you have to offer before you start telling your story. Put your people first. Work from the inside out, not the outside in. The rest will fall into place.

Account manager Nadia Zerka was inspired at a young age by Nancy Drew and her sleuthing ways.

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