Thou shalt blog.

I’m not a religious person. In fact, I always joke that when I die and I’m reborn to this earth I’ll be Jewish. Of course, if I’m reborn that’s because I had spent my current life studying reincarnation and hoping the Hindu community would accept me as one of their newcomers.

All joking aside, I had to post a note, blog …whatever you’d like to call it, about a KNPR program I was listening to last week on my way home. The program focused on how blogging and social networking sites help to expand your brand presence, message and therefore modify public behavior.

Although people pay me for my advice and much of that advice has included my suggesting businesses implement these same communication efforts for themselves over the years, sometimes the message just doesn’t stick… at least, not until Pope Benedict XVI proclaims it. (Apparently I don’t have the same pull that he does.)

That’s right. One of the world’s most traditional groups is now promoting social networking to spread its message.

So what does this mean for you, besides having the “will” of the church behind you as you move into the world of Internet, electronic and social networking? It means, in order to encourage behavioral change (regardless of your affiliation or message), you need to be where the people are. That is the goal of marketing my friends.

Check back soon. I’ll be posting another whatyoumacallit that will provide you with suggestions on how to enhance your blog site.

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