Tiny houses, big lessons

Over the past few months, I’ve become interested in the new trend of building and living in tiny houses. At this stage in my life, I’m not ready to give everything away and move into a 200-square-foot home; however, the movement promotes many lessons that can be beneficial for anyone, anywhere. Those I’ve taken from observing the movement are as follows, along with my interpretation of how they can be applied to business.

Lesson: Spend more time with friends and family.
Business application: Focus most of your energy on working with clients with whom you have a respectful business relationship.

Lesson: Spend money on what really matters.
Business application: As we all learned in the recession, there are some business costs that can be cut. As cash flow increases, consider whether it’s truly best for your business to return to its old ways.

Lesson: Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Business application: By sheer nature, many businesses produce a lot of waste. Consider implementing a recycling system and repurposing rather than defaulting to buying new.

Lesson: De-clutter your life by de-cluttering your space.
Business application: Do you spend a lot of your work day looking for things? Or money storing things? Or taking second trips because you forgot something? If so, it might be time to digitize, organize and donate.

Any you would add?

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications.

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