Understand what you are worth

One of the toughest things for me to witness as a consultant is someone not fully appreciating his or her genius and what that quality is really worth. We allow our passion to keep us at a level where we are giving away our time to people who are unappreciative and, frankly, not worth it. This is harsh, I know, but stay with me.

There are times when your focus can be deterred because those you work with are skeptical, defiant or, even worse, apathetic.

There is a two-step process to figuring out the culminating worth of your actions and time:

  1. Determine your price and how much you deserve for your time.
  2. Put it out there and see if the market agrees by purchasing your service or offering. If it DOESN’T, you may need to adjust your price or get more skills.

I wish I could say that time does not have a monetary correlation, but it does in business. Just as you would price out your merchandise vendor, you must determine the wholesale price of your time and services. What this will allow for is a vested interest in your customer as well as allowing you to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Your ability to save time and efficiently meet the needs of others will promote a universal feeling of contribution and satisfaction.

Guest blogger Angelo Sisco is the owner/head coach at O’Hare CrossFit in Chicago and a business consultant for CrossFit affiliates across the country.

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