Welcome, Celestia!

Last month, Celestia Ward joined the Imagine family as a member of the public relations team. Get to know her in the Q & A below and say “hi” in the comments!

What is your official title/role with Imagine?
PR Coordinator

What is your hometown?
I was born in California but moved to Las Vegas at the age of two, so I really have no pre-Vegas memories. Then I went to college on the East Coast and spent my twenties working there, but decided to move back here around 2001.

How did you come to work at Imagine?
2020 whittled away my other business (working parties and conventions) into a very part time enterprise, and I applied after hearing there would be a vacancy. Ginger Meurer, who had the position before me, knew me from social media and having many friends in common, and she said my skill set would be applicable to the job and kindly gave me a recommendation.

What type of projects will you be working on?
Anything I’m assigned, and hopefully a few things I spearhead myself. I’ve been podcasting for the past several years, and I’m hoping the inroads I’ve made in the podcasting community (and it really is a community!) will help Imagine tap into that relatively new media landscape. Making connections between our clients and popular podcasts that have the right audience and format to benefits both sides of the microphone: guests want to reach audiences, and podcast hosts want compelling guests. My background also includes working as a cartoonist and editor, so working on newsletters, articles, books, and graphic forms of communication is very much in my wheelhouse.

What is your favorite type of food?
Unfortunately, pretty much all kinds! As fall sets in, I’m indulging now in my long seasonal affair with all things pumpkin. Not just lattes and pie but savory Afghan pumpkin with garlic yogurt sauce, and pumpkin soup, and pumpkin-yam-chard hash. Oh my gourd there are so many possibilities!

Where is your favorite spot to travel to?
I’ve been lucky to do a lot of traveling, and I guess I like island countries, because New Zealand and Iceland top my list. Both places have climates so different from the desert southwest, and in New Zealand there were parrots just flying around like we see pigeons here. Crazy. But really, I like traveling most anywhere, by boat, plane, car or rail. Even taking an Amtrak from Baltimore to Ohio was a delightful travel memory in my early twenties.

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