Whatever happens, please stay safe and be well.

A note from Brian:

The world can be a dangerous place, as we are once again reminded during these extraordinary times. As of this writing, COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, has disrupted our daily lives in countless ways. It’s obvious we’re in uncharted territory, and the best response is a prudent combination of information-seeking from reliable sources, keeping current on fast-moving developments, and using our best instincts and judgment to minimize the risk for ourselves and our families.

Here at Imagine, we’re washing our hands regularly, keeping our social distance, moving meetings to online platforms, and working from home. It should in no way interfere with the quality or timeliness of our work. In fact, if you’re looking for a good resource to proactively help brainstorm new creative ideas and tactics, our crew is ready and available.

Whatever happens, please stay safe and be well. We’re all in this together.

A note from Alex:

COVID-19 is putting all of us to the test. And although I have seen video online of people fighting over toilet tissue, my own very busy grocery store was full of neighbors politely interacting and calmly waiting in line. I noticed many smiles and customers thanking their clerks before they left. People seemed to be doing their best to be civilized to one another. I heard on the news Louis Vuitton announced three of its largest perfume factories would pivot to produce hand sanitizer.

During this global health emergency, it’s important to remember we are all neighbors. I’m feeling the way I did just after 9/11 when we all realized the attack didn’t just happen to just a few of us; it happened to all of us. Americans have a long history of pulling together during a crisis. I read that during World War II, industries shifted their businesses to help support the war effort after the attack on Pearl Harbor — Henderson was founded for that reason. We saw it here in Las Vegas after 1 October when people showed up in droves to give blood.

So, in the spirit of being good neighbors and community members, we here at Imagine want to offer businesses that are currently struggling some free marketing tips. Our office also has been working remotely for years, so we’re offering up some ideas in that regard, too, in case your employees (or you!) are new to working from home. It’s important to find ways to stay connected with customers and each other during all of this.

Things will soon get back to normal.

Stay safe and don’t mind me if I don’t shake your hand.

We’re here for you! Here are some marketing ideas and working from home tips from the Imagine crew.


Stay optimistic in your voice. It will reflect well on your brand. We may need to socially distance, but we can make up for it with emotional nearness. – Brian

The first thing to consider is that this is a great time to establish the character of your company. The way you respond during times of strife are the moments people will remember most. So, any way you can communicate your consideration for your customers is very valuable during this time. E-newsletters are a great way to reach out to your customers. Do a special one that addresses the crisis and mention any efforts your company is currently making to combat or cope with the virus. – Alex

Share the uniqueness of what it is you do. This is a great time to share the history of your business or share stories about your culture and staff. What are you, your business and staff doing right now for family or the community to help? Share those stories. – Alex

If you can offer a delivery option, shift resources in that direction.  Consider partnering with one or more delivery apps – they’re a great place to be seen right now. – Amanda

Don’t be afraid to open communication with other businesses to discuss resources, tools and/or tips available to keep business going. – Julie

Adopt creative courage! Think of ways you can offer something people need right now or a different way to deliver your services. Dance teachers and yoga instructors are offering online classes. If you’re a wedding photographer, offer to photograph families or senior portraits outside (maintaining your social distance). – Tiffannie


As a creative working productively in a creative field, it’s important to stay motivated and inspired. Moving from a home office to an outdoor patio for some fresh air and chirping birds keeps me motivated and inspired. – Julie

My work from home tip is to get dressed for work every day. Don’t use this as an excuse to wear sweatpants and not brush your teeth. Getting dressed keeps some normalcy to your day and allows you to separate work time from personal time. – Nadia

Lock the cats in the bedroom so they don’t plop their fat butts on your computer keyboard. – Brian

Working from home takes on an added element of challenge when children are thrown into the mix. To survive that potential chaos, set up clear communication with kids. It helps to work in a room with a door. If the door is open, come on in. If a yield sign is displayed, knock. If a stop sign is displayed, the house had better be on fire. – Ginger


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