When everyone plays their part, magic happens [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

I’ve been wondering for a while now about what I would write for my 10th anniversary blog. I’d been given broad topic suggestions and ideas, but, for whatever reason, the “right” story relating to Imagine Marketing just wasn’t coming to me. Writer’s block’s a [enter suitable word for print here] when you’re on a deadline.

Finally, just two days before it was requested I submit my blog, it came to me – at church, in fact. (A divine intervention, perhaps?) It was fitting really, considering a church function was what led to my employment at Imagine Marketing, which began five years ago this July.

Praise Team Performance There I was, sitting in Praise Team rehearsal at church. I was thinking about the fact that people often marvel at how our Praise Team – which ranges anywhere from 10 to 20 singers plus band members – operates without a conductor. We have a leader, of course, but during church he sings with us and is usually playing an instrument as well. So other than giving us clues as to when we’re done signing the chorus and finally wrapping up the song, he simply trusts us, the Praise Team, to stay together, come in on cue, change keys when appropriate and sing the right notes. We all just inherently know how to stay together – and sound good together (most of the time, I hope) – without consciously thinking about it.

This, of course, reminded me of Imagine Marketing. History has shown that most people who come to work for Imagine Marketing never leave. Considering we’ve all been working together for the last three, five, seven (you get the idea) years, we work together well. We’re like one body, with each of us being a limb. Or a puzzle, with each of us being a piece. Or a tool box …

Point being, we all know how everyone operates. We know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, talents, joys, fears, traits, etc. We work together as a team, helping each other when needed but also making a place for ourselves to shine as individuals. Working together for the benefit of our clients and for the sake of doing good, solid work is our way of doing business, and we do it naturally.

Just like in Praise Team, we have a leader – someone to make the final decisions and keep the big picture in mind, but we don’t have a “conductor” telling us when to come in and how to play our parts. We’re all simply trusted to get things done, how they should be done, when they need to get done. And I like that. In my opinion, it’s what makes Imagine Marketing special and it’s why people like to work with us.

Melissa Rothermel serves as director of media relations for Imagine Marketing.
Contact Melissa at mrothermel@imnv.com

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