When is it time to rebrand?

Last year, the Nevada Library Association (NLA) came to Imagine in need of some help with social media and advocacy efforts. After conducting a discovery meeting, it became clear that what the organization really needed was to revisit its brand. A lot has changed since the association was established in 1946. In fact, this is an exciting time for libraries as a whole, as many grapple with their branding, so it seemed a fitting time for NLA to examine whether its messaging matched the needs of its target audience – librarians in Nevada.

As we sat in a room with 15 or so of its members, the excitement that bubbled to the surface about NLA was invigorating. This level of excitement did not match the organization’s existing logo or who they claimed to be. This is how we knew that rebranding was the right move. We needed to capture this energy and share it with the world.

If your image or message no longer serves your target audience, it may be time to consider a rebrand. This doesn’t mean change your logo and call it a good day. Rather, take a look at how you represent yourself. Who do you say you are on the About Us page of your website? Is your tagline still accurate? Are the stories you are telling through press releases and blogs capturing the excitement of what you are creating? If these questions are overwhelming, it’s ok. We can help.

Eat. Sleep. Rebrand. Repeat. This is how Megan rolls. To reach Megan, Director of Client Relations for Imagine Communications, send her an email.

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