When selecting a service provider, think about what matters most

Here at Imagine Communications, we’re a little quirky. Nary a day goes by when there isn’t some sort of mischief going on, and Nerf guns, music, chalk and chit-chat are regular staples in our office. On non-meeting days, we dress casually. On Fridays, many of us take an hour break for a personal training session at the park. But we don’t just work out together; we often take group lunches, or group paycheck deposit trips, or group oil change trips, or go see a movie together. While these things are what make Imagine a great place to work, they’re also strategic. Our environment, which fosters creativity and allows for tangents, sets the perfect stage for productivity and high-level work.

Still, not everyone is impressed by our artsy, creative atmosphere and genuine personalities. For some, our happy, easy-going attitudes and comfortable professional attire are off-putting, and we’ve seen more than one potential client opt for a slicker firm with smoother attitudes and clothes to match. We’ve also had more than one potential client return to us months – or even a year – later admitting they made a mistake in their firm selection.

What these companies who return realize is that when you’re looking for high-level creative services, it’s OK to go with a creative, quirky firm. You want people who ooze creativity from their every pore.

The same is true no matter what service company you’re looking to hire. While it’s important to select a company that’s likeminded, you shouldn’t be looking for another you; you want to find someone who produces top work in their field – that’s why you’re hiring someone, right? – and does so in a way that works best for them.

So what matters and what doesn’t when choosing a service company? That’s up to you. I would recommend making a list of your top priorities before you begin interviews; make a fresh copy of this list to bring with you as you meet with each potential service provider and jot down notes and thoughts as they relate to these priorities. At the end, you should have one or more clear choices laid out before you, in your words.

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications. Email Melissa at mbiernacinski@weareimagine.com.

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