When you have a great team, everyone’s ‘the best’

Recently, one of our team members got a great compliment from a client. Essentially, the client suggested that this team member “makes” Imagine. While very cool, it’s worth noting that most of the client’s contact with Imagine is via this team member. Which brought me to a few thoughts:

1. We have had many clients, over the years, who have thought their main contact with Imagine is “the” person at Imagine. How awesome is that? When you hire great people, everyone on your team will come across to his/her contacts as “the best.”

2. Hiring good people is critically important. No matter how great the company owner may intend for his/her company to be, it is only as good (or as bad) as its front line.

3. Every client wants to work with the best the company has to offer. However, “the best” means different things to different people. If possible, match clients with the company representative who has the most suitable background and/or personality. Doing so will help make the relationship a happy one for all.

Are your employees in positions that allow them to be the best? If not, I encourage you to consider making changes that put them in a position that best utilizes their skills and talents.

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications.

Email Melissa at mbiernacinski@weareimagine.com.

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