Where’d All the Good People Go? [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

In reflecting over the past years leading up to the 10th Year Anniversary of Imagine Marketing, I thought of the one thing I enjoy most about this place. It is all essentially summed up by one element … the people.

Ehsan Jamming It’s no secret by now that I’m a big music guy. It is one of my favorite things. Whether it is listening to music on an iPod, enjoying it while driving in a car, using it to create emotion in a movie or commercial, or trying to make it while hanging out with some friends and our instruments, I think music is one of the best things that exists, and can essentially be used to explain any topic, so here it goes.

As my good friend Jack Johnson sings in one of his songs, “Where’d all the good people go?” I’d respond with Imagine Marketing. We have a great team. We mesh well together, we work well together, we get along well together … Heck, we even don’t get along well together! And you’d think we’d better, right? It’s a fact that I see these people way more than I see my own family. I spend hours after hours with them, and at the end of the day, we continue to chug along and have fun in the process. That is a key element to our success. We understand business and we understand how to better it with one another both professionally and personally.

Ehsan Jammin’ This not only branches internally, but it exists outside of our office as well. It’s not just my fellow coworkers that are these “good people.” I am surrounded by good people. My clients, our vendors, the media, my friends and family. With the exception of a few … and you know who you are … I’m kidding of course … or am I? … oh I digress … The people around me are great. I’ve made many relationships and friendships over the eight years here and I am grateful for that.

They say, “you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” Well then frankly, I think I’m pretty darn great. Thanks everyone!

Ehsan Kaveh is an account executive at Imagine Marketing.
Contact Ehsan at ekaveh@imnv.com



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