Why does iMAGiNE exist?

I was asked to write a blog based on this question: “Why does Imagine exist?”

I could say it’s a place people go to earn a salary.

I could go into a formal description of Imagine Communications as a business that helps other businesses encourage the distribution and sales of goods and services.

I could say that it exists because it gave a few guys the chance to do things their way for a change and see if anyone appreciated it.

Although those three answers are true, I still don’t think they answer the question.

If you were to say that Imagine exists because of Brian Rouff and my own unwavering belief in the potential of the company, you might be getting closer.

Or maybe it exists because of our Director of Client Relations Megan’s dedication to the clients of Imagine and the way she skillfully blends sensible marketing strategies with deep and almost super-human empathy.

It could be our Business Manager Donna’s ability to consistently bring equal measures of hard work ethic and a good-natured smile every, single day.

Or possibly it exists due to Diana, one of our Account Managers, who has a clear headed professionalism and confidence that is consistently proven in her ability to balance her clients’ needs and wants.

We are getting even closer now.

It could also be due to our Director of Media Relations, Melissa, who shows unwavering honesty and quality control when telling a clients’ story, while all the while thinking 10 steps ahead.

Or it could be Tiffannie, our Media Relations Specialist, who can balance several ideas, measure each one equally, disregard the unneeded bits and develop a plan all within seconds.

Imagine lives because of Cynthia’s, our Art Director, whimsical outlook on art propped up by a strong minded dedication to her work, mentally branding her name on everything that leaves the office.

It exists because of our Graphic Designer, Julie, has a wide-open mind – free of judgment – with the courage to listen to every side of the story and bring that to the table in her work.

It may also exist because of Nadia, an Account Manager, who has unwavering loyalty and development whenever considering the bigger idea, whether it be for our clients or Imagine itself.

Or it could exist also because of Gail, our Media Relations Assistant/Receptionist, whose gigantic heart and regular and constant employment of necessary tasks is so important to the growth of this communications company.

Now we are starting to see the parts necessary to answer the bigger question of “why” Imagine exists.

Imagine exists as a home for open minds and big hearts. It exists as an experiment, to see if it’s possible to create a place you actually want to go to every morning and spend time with people you love and respect.

I once told a former business partner not to worry about Imagine. It wasn’t a house of cards, it was a house of bricks. I think I may have been wrong about that. A house of cards is a fragile thing held up by the support of each card. It is only as strong as the oncoming breeze that tries to blow it down. Imagine is built by the people I’ve mentioned above. Each member of the team supports the other. Imagine exists because we all realize the dynamic we have is fragile. It is respected as much as it is protected. So far, we’ve been able to stand up to every breeze, wind and storm that has come our way. We lean into all of it together. I’m happy with the cards I’ve been dealt. Sometimes I take in moments in the office and watch the team working together and supporting each other. During those times I’ve often thought to myself, “Man, I’m so grateful to be here, right now with these people.” Whatever that is, it’s the reason Imagine exists. And I’m all in.

Alex Raffi is a partner and creative director for Imagine Communications. Contact Alex at araffi@weareimagine.com.

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