Why Online Marketing Matters

Recently our company has been “retooling” itself to better fit the needs of today’s constantly evolving marketplace. Among those retooling efforts is repackaging our technology marketing services so our clients, and prospects, better understand just how cost effective, yet impactful, marketing via technology can be.

I can repeat the same cliché phrases everyone in marketing is saying right now about the cost and development of Google ad words and pay-per-click ad programs, e-newsletters, blogs and such, but I won’t. What I’ve found most interesting, especially lately, in all matters of marketing and technology is the resistance so many organizations continue to have in using technology as a driving marketing vehicle for them – even still, in 2009 and in this economy. … Although I am feeling the resistance lessening a bit.

Why such resistance? The common response to my question is typically: Will anyone use/see it?

My answer: Yes.

My answer is yes if you market sugar-free/wheat-free cupcakes to children. My answer is yes if you market your personal fitness training services to individuals. My answer is yes if you market your hospice services to caretakers and family members of sick individuals. Yes, yes and yes.

Behind every e-mail address, Yahoo! Web search, Tweet, Facebook status change and Web visit there is a potential consumer.

Granted, there will always be those who lag behind when it comes to using new communication vehicles. However, to keep your marketing program operating as “business as usual” to appease these few naysayers will set you two steps behind your competitors who are already getting a jump on your market share.

One of the most glorious benefits of marketing technology programs is that they provide you with tangible results – and sometime the lack of results. Either way, it provides you with tangible information to help you tap into customer trends and interests and well as help to drive sales. It’s a smart tool to use to help your organization properly “retool” itself for today’s new economy.

Think moving a portion of your marketing program online is risky? Don’t. Your consumers are there. (You’re here reading my blog aren’t you?) The real question you should have is: What type of marketing expert do I bring on to help guide me through the Internet “weeds?”

Amber Stidham is the Director of Strategic Planning for Imagine Marketing.

Contact Amber at astidham@imnv.com
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