With true partnerships, anything is possible

Over a year ago our firm identified a need in the marketplace for organizations to be able to produce cost-effective commercial-like videos that could be used to tell a story in a fun, creative, thought-provoking and, sometimes, tear-jerking way. As a result, Imagine Marketing launched Imagine Shorts, a service creating highly targeted branded entertainment videos to help clients reach their targeted audience in a creative new way.

By partnering with talented video production teams (many who have been involved with our firm for years) we are able to provide the highest quality product that is created with marketing strategy in mind. Fast forward to today. Despite the downturn in the economy and smaller marketing budgets, we are finding that developing videos for clients is more in-demand than ever before, especially with the strong upswing of social media and branded entertainment marketing.

I have had the opportunity to work with a few of my clients on developing shorts to assist in reaching their marketing goals. One of these projects was the Desert Community Bank, “Money Under the Mattress” shorts. We met with the bank last November, and they explained that they were searching for a way to differentiate themselves from other banks in the valley, especially during the uncertain times in the banking industry. They wanted to communicate the bank’s commitment to customer service and security. After a creative meeting with our team, we developed the idea that would eventually grow into a three-video campaign starring Desert Community Bank president, Jim Howard, as a miniature version of himself who resides under a couple’s mattress. The short have been distributed virally through e-mail, social media tools like Facebook and YouTube and are also on the bank’s Web site. The videos have also been the subject of a few news articles.

NEVADA STATE COLLEGE: Another project that we are proud of is the testimonial shorts created for Nevada State College. The college is in the process of redesigning its entire Web site and wanted to supplement the site with student, alumni and faculty profiles that would tell the story and share the spirit of the school. When we initially met with the college, they showed us samples from other schools. The sample videos came from well established institutions that have beautiful campuses and programs that have been around for decades. Because Nevada State College is a young school, focusing on campus shots presented a huge challenge. As we began interviewing subjects for the video, it became clear that what we lacked in scenery we made up in people. The stories students, alumni and faculty shared with us were not only inspiring and interesting, they were relatable on many different levels. By utilizing the creative vision of our team, as well as our video production team, we were able to create testimonials that truly speak to the heart of the college. These videos will be an integral part of the college’s recruiting strategy in the next year as we find ways to take the existing footage and repurpose them for advertising, recruitment and presentation needs.

The most important lesson I have learned through the process of these two projects is that when we are able to partner with clients and really understand what they need, and they are willing to trust our strategic thinking and creativity, anything is possible.

I enjoy the process of creating shorts for clients from beginning to end and am looking forward to many more projects in the near future.

Megan Lane is an Account Executive with Imagine Marketing.
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